Information: Contact us, specifying the item reference code and we will write or call you back providing you all the information you need. On our website you can find detailed pictures, but if you’re not satisfied with them, you can request additional images via email.

Placing an order: After an order gets placed by mail or phone, the item will be put on hold for 10 days until we receive your bank transfer or check payement (the latter is unfortunaltely not available for every country).

Item‘s condition: As vintage items, most of them have been used even when they’re in mint conditions and we use to prefer to the original aspect. In our catalogue you can find all the condition issues but we suggest you to contact us for any doubt. We will do whatever we can in order to suggest and provide you refurbishment if needed (e.g. new upholstery, electrical system, wood and metal polishing, etc.).

Return request: You may request a return within 5 days only if there are specifics not documented on line or that haven’t been discuss before your purchase. Shipping costs for returned items or possible damages will be carriage paid.

Shipping: Where? Worldwide. Costs? Buyer’s cost. Time and quality? The shipping company is solely responsible.


We are constantly increasing the number of the pieces in stock, if you want to sell any items, we’ll be glad to consider them.If any of your items is of our interest, we may either buy it or take it on consignment. Conditions will be agreed upon with the owner.

We rent out most of the items on our catalogue for shootings, for privates and for professional events. Please contact us specifying items, duration of the rent and purpose. 

Click here for terms and conditions.

Evaluation: we can evaluate all your XXth century design items and decoration pieces.

Restoration: thanks to the abilities of skilled artisans we can restore your vintage pieces giving them back their original beauty and spirit.


Research: if you can’t find on our website the item you are looking for, contact us so we can check if it’s stocked and not in catalogue yet, or if we are able to provide it in a short time.

Consultancy: we provide you our expertise through consultancy agreement for exhibitions, shooting sets, etc.

Interior design: if you want to decorate your home, office or your showroom, we can provide you our experience in order to find the pieces that best fit your locations.

Wedding lists: all our pieces are available for your personal collection.